Lindsay is absolutely fantastic!

She really took the time to understand my concerns and issues and created not only custom blends that were tailored for me, she also created a wellness plan for me that had a tremendous impact on my life. I had difficulty sleeping, falling asleep and staying asleep due to work stress, and the blends she created for me along with the wellness plan have me less stressed at work and sleeping better.

I can’t say enough good things about Lindsay and her ability to help with any issue in a natural and holistic way. Her approach is genuine and honest and I wouldn’t trust anyone else!
— Tessa M., Raleigh, NC

When I began working with Lindsay, I was immediately impressed by her friendliness, professionalism and the thoroughness of the initial interview. She asked questions about my needs and wants, my feelings and hopes. She was always interested and encouraging. She explained the process of essential oil blending and their chemical synergy. She had me smell different oils and asked for my reaction. Her knowledge and love of her profession was obvious and made me feel confident and cared for.

I saw Lindsay for chronic osteoarthritis discomfort, muscle soreness from stress and exercise and to bring more calm and light-heartedness to my days. The blends she made helped relieve pain and stress and put a smile on my face.

I loved working with Lindsay and loved her professionalism and care. I recommend her to anyone for physical and emotional support.
— Linda C., Pittsboro, NC

During my pregnancy, I discovered the healing world of aromatherapy. Lindsay lovingly followed me throughout my pregnancy. She diligently listened to my concerns and wishes to custom-make soothing aromatherapy blends for me.

I was able to take time to myself and indulge my senses by applying her body butter to my growing belly and winding down with her calming lavender inhaler.

When I came down with a nasty cold that I couldn’t kick, she lovingly prepared the perfect pregnancy-safe steam blend that not only did the trick, but allowed me to take a much needed moment to check in with myself.

Lindsay’s blends even accompanied me all the way to the delivery room! She has a keen sense of intuition, and used it to blend a clary sage body butter to help me when I was ready to induce labor. In the labor and delivery room, which turned out last minute to be a hospital instead of a birthing center, her beautiful aromatherapy mix of alpine scents helped me feel centered and safe despite all the birthing plan changes. The midwives and nurses who accompanied me all commented on how amazing the aroma was, and said that passersby in the hallway were drawn in by the enchanting smell!

Working with Lindsay was a wonderful experience. Not only does she create beautiful blends that activate your senses and allow you to tune into yourself, she is fun-loving and a delight!
— Christelle S., Chapel Hill, NC

Lindsay is a skilled and caring aromatherapist. She took time to listen and understand my concerns before creating custom aromatherapy blends to help.

I travel a lot for work and don’t sleep as well on the road as I do at home. Lindsay prepared a wonderful lotion that helps me achieve a deeper and more restful sleep when traveling and at home.

I also struggle with persistent dull pain associated with multiple rib fractures from an accident about 2 years ago. The massage oil she gave me reduced my pain to the point that I could stop taking ibuprofen daily.

The demands of work were getting me down. The inhaler Lindsay made gives me a smile each time I use it and, coupled with another massage oil, a more positive outlook on life and work.

This was the first time I’ve tried aromatherapy, and I’m very happy with the results. Thank you Lindsay!
— Mike B., Pittsboro, NC

I saw Lindsay for Reiki because of chronic pain. When you meet her, you know that she loves what she does. The session was relaxing and began with the playing of singing bowls followed by the Reiki treatment. I arrived with pain in my hands, legs, and feet and I left completely free of pain. I have already scheduled my next two Reiki treatments to help keep me feeling well. I also plan to try a custom aromatherapy blend formulated by Lindsay to use at home. Thank you, Lindsay!
— Sky M., Pittsboro, NC

I highly recommend Lindsay’s approach and products to anyone looking for gentle, but deep, non-intrusive healing or work on certain issues.

The consultations felt easy and that with her intuitive approach, she quickly grasped the essence of something without it having to be gone over in minute detail, which is perfect as in my case - for dealing with sensitive or chronic issues - because whatever might be out of balance can affect a whole range of things. I felt she understood my situation and me. So the consultation felt like the first part of the healing.

When I got the products I felt they were so special having been created just for me. When I inhaled the scents from the jars, I felt like ‘Yes, this is what I would ask for if I knew how!’ So, Lindsay worked as translator, using her intuition and knowledge of human issues, plants, and aromas, to create some healing wanted and needed by my body and soul.

I have to mention just how wonderful it is to have natural beautiful scents in your life that also give you just what you need emotionally- and that’s because they are the right oils, and sourced in the right way.

I am very sensitive and I have had bad experiences with people using essential oils without proper discernment - not pure oils, incorrect use, and too strong smells. That was a totally different experience and put me off working with aromatherapy for a long time, until I experienced Lindsay’s products.

To be sensitive and to have the gift of natural perfumed scents again that smell good and make me feel good is wonderful.

It’s definitely a delicious gift to yourself to work with Lindsay.
— Anita J., Oxfordshire, UK

I was unsure that I would be able to be helped but I’m glad I went to Lindsay!

My areas of work were emotional in nature and deep-rooted. I saw Lindsay over the course of a few months and felt the subtle power of each aromatherapy product she created for me. They allowed for shifts that were necessary before I could settle into myself, accept help, and make the changes I needed.

Lindsay’s professionalism, thorough knowledge of her craft, and her ability to- and joy in- explaining it scientifically, spiritually, and even artistically made her stand out to me. The smallest details are not lost on her and neither is the grasp of the much larger picture. On top of all that, she is totally down to earth and fun- a well-rounded human being I trust to aid me on my wellness journey.
— Brenna C., Chapel Hill, NC