What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on subtle energy therapy that harmonizes body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Life force is energy that flows through every living thing. It supports our vitality and enjoyment for life. When our life force is out of balance, we are likely to feel stressed and get sick. But when our life force is balanced, we feel happy and healthy! Reiki rebalances life force so the body can access its natural healing abilities, allowing us to live more vibrantly.

Reiki is beneficial on its own and when combined with other medical and therapeutic techniques. It can help soothe negative side effects and support recovery.

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Your Reiki Session

After you schedule your first Reiki session, you will receive a confirmation email with a Reiki Client Information Form to complete. At the beginning of your session, you and I will briefly review your information form and I will answer any questions that you have. We will discuss the reason for your visit and create an intention for your session.

You will rest comfortably on a massage table while remaining fully clothed, with shoes removed; I recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing. The session can either be hands-on, where I apply a light touch to the area where Reiki is flowing, or hands-off, where I hold my hands slightly above your body, or a combination of the two. I may include the use of singing bowls and crystals during your session if they will enhance progress toward your wellness goals.

Over the next few days, I suggest you increase your intake of water as your body continues to cleanse its systems and to take additional time for rest and quiet contemplation.

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Would you like to regain control of your health and healing journey?

Learning Reiki is one of the best ways to do so, and it is a beautiful gift of self-care.

Immediately after your Reiki 1 attunement and class, you can begin giving yourself daily Reiki sessions to gently bring your life force back into balance, supporting the health and wellness of your entire being. Learning Reiki also allows you to tap into your inner knowing, allowing you to make healthier and more beneficial choices in your daily life.

In this class, you will learn about the history of Reiki, how the attunement process works, the hand positions used in a standard session, and how to practice self-Reiki. You will receive an Usui/Holy Fire Reiki 1 attunement, experience a guided meditation, and practice feeling imbalances in energy fields.

If you are interested, please fill out this Reiki Class Interest Form. Once 3 people are committed to taking a class, we will decide what day works best for everyone and I will put it on the schedule to allow for others to sign up.

Reiki History

The practice of using Reiki to support healing and wellness has been traced to Japanese therapist Matiji Kawakami in the early 1900’s. Its earlier history is still being uncovered.

In 1922, Mikao Usui developed Usui Reiki after a profound spiritual experience. Deeply touched by this healing energy, Usui wished to share it with others. He created Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Reiki Healing Method Society) in Tokyo to teach classes and give treatments. Usui Reiki is the most widely practiced form of Reiki today.

Reiki has continuously evolved and developed throughout its history. In 2014, William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training and the Center for Reiki Research, developed Holy Fire Reiki after experiencing “a more powerful and refined energy” than anything he had felt before. The use of the word “holy” is not intended to be religious but refers to the word’s roots of being “whole” and “complete.”

There are over 150 styles of Reiki being taught and practiced worldwide. I practice Usui and Holy Fire Reiki because these styles resonate within me most strongly.