Meet Lindsay Blotzer, Founder of EarthWise Wellness


I created EarthWise Wellness to support your quest for a healthy and vibrant life filled with compassion, connection, and balance. I bring the insight, empathy, and understanding I gained during my journey to wellness into every session and every product I create.

For nearly a decade, pain and fatigue took over my life and I struggled to sleep. I felt trapped by my body and had difficulty enjoying time with friends, family, and nature. Sometimes I wanted to give up, but a glimmer of hope propelled me forward and I continued to search for the root cause and ways to effectively manage my symptoms. The turning point came when I was introduced to the realms of natural, holistic, and energetic healing. 

Soon after being attuned to and learning how to practice Reiki, it became integral to my healing journey. Reiki calmed my mind and allowed me to feel safe and secure so that I could fall asleep. Reiki also helped me develop my intuition and I followed it to health providers that were able to identify the root of my symptoms. Then, Reiki supported my recovery by helping my mind remain clear and positive and balancing my body after years of infection.

At about the same time I learned Reiki, I learned about essential oils and Aromatherapy. I immediately fell in love with the natural plant extracts and wanted to learn how to use them safely and effectively. As I learned the science and art of Aromatherapy, I began creating custom blends for myself. One of the first blends I made calmed my mind and comforted my heart so that when combined with my nightly Reiki, I slept better than I had in years. I continued to create therapeutic blends that supported my body, mind, emotions, and spirit through recovery.

When my friend introduced me to Shamanism and shamanic journeying, my view of healing expanded further and I wanted to learn more. A couple of years later, I found Core Shamanism and began studying with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Every lesson and journey fills me with awe at the wisdom and healing available in partnership with helping spirits that cultures worldwide connected with for tens of thousands of years before modern medicine. These cultures didn’t use shamanic healing methods because they didn’t know any better but because these methods worked, and shamanic healing continues to offer profound support today.

As a Certified Aromatherapist, I have completed over 600 hours of formal Aromatherapy education including essential oil chemistry, subtle energies of essential oils, safe usage guidelines, and case studies. As a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, I am a committed lifelong student to Reiki, continually learning and growing as I use and experience this beautiful energy. As a Core Shamanic Practitioner, I cultivate my connection with compassionate helping spirits while honoring ethics and free will, only helping those who ask. I also hold certifications in Crystal Healing and Angel Intuition and Healing. 

I continue to use these holistic healing methods to maintain the well-being of my body, mind, emotions, and spirit today.

When you choose to work with me, you can feel comforted in knowing that I have your best interests at heart. I will provide you with the best care and support in order to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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Certifications and Training

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Studies, Certificate in Global Studies, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, graduated Summa Cum Laude, December 2010

Aromatherapy Training:

—Certified Aromatherapist, Aromatherapy Certification Program, Aromahead Institute, completed January 2017

—Aromatherapy for Natural Living, Aromahead Institute, completed July 2017

—Advanced Graduate Program, Aromahead Institute, completed July 2017

—Component Blending, Aromahead Institute, completed September 2017

—Vibrational Aromatic Medicine, Stillpoint Studies, completed April 2018

—Aromatherapy Teacher Training, Aromahead Institute, in progress

—Aromatherapy and Medicine of the Soul, AromaGnosis, in progress

Reiki Training:

—First Degree Usui Shiko Ryoho Reiki Certification Training, Reiki Restores, completed February 2015

—Second Degree Usui Shiko Ryoho Reiki Certification Training, Reiki Restores, completed April 2015

—Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher Certification Training, Reiki Melody, completed January 2017

—Reiki & Medicine Intensive, Pamela Miles, completed November 2017

Shamanism Training:

—The Way of the Shaman® Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, completed December 2018

—Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive™, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, completed June 2019

—Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, completed August 2019

Crystal Healing Training:

—Crystals 101 Workshop, Dharma Yoga Syracuse, completed January 2015

—Advanced Crystals Workshop, Dharma Yoga Syracuse, completed January 2015

—Crystal Healing Certification Training, One Light Center, completed September 2018

Additional Training:

—Essential Keys to Intuitive Development, The Dancing Moon, completed April 2016

—Angel Intuition and Healing Certification Training, One Light Center, completed July 2018

—Advanced Angel Intuition and Healing Certification Training, Once Light Center, completed February 2019

—Intuitive Plant Communication, AromaGnosis, in progress