The Path of Spring

With its longer days, scented breezes, and enthusiastic birdsong, Spring brings a sense of renewed hope, expansion, and transformation. As bare and muted tree branches sprout fresh green leaves and colorful blossoms, I feel a sense of opening within myself. My heart opens up a bit more than it was during the cooler, darker days of Winter. With this opening, there comes a sense of vulnerability, but I find it hard not to follow the lead of Mother Nature as she celebrates her own blossoming with song and color. I find myself wrapped up in the exuberant beauty of new Spring growth and begin to take more chances in my own life. I decide I am ready to address a difficult period in my life. I am ready to shed those darker days and step fully into the Springtime of possibilities. I decide to perform a dance in front of friends and community, moving my body in a way I have never done before, celebrating and expressing its unique vibrancy. Just a few years ago, I never would have imagined any of this. However, my Reiki practice and aromatherapy blends bring comfort as I expand my heart. And as Mother Nature bursts with vibrant life, this growth and expansion seem inevitable. As my eyes hungrily view Spring colors, my ears absorb musical bird- and frog-song, and my nose inhales scents of fragrant flowers, I can’t help but feel my own life vibrantly bursting at its seams.


Here is a poem written by my friend filled with stories of nature in a park near her home. How do you feel when you notice the natural wonders around you? Do you get swept up in the stories that Mother Nature tells? Do you feel parallel shifts in your own inner world? 

There is a path by LCB, 2018


There is a path where I live where people walk

   Alone or talking with companions, distracted by their dogs

   Sometimes too busy to nod or say “hello”.

 It is a planned path simple constructed in a figure 8

   Around two small ponds

   Beautifully landscaped

      trees and shrubs, pruned and mulched.

Sort of an urban park

   Providing a patch of green

   Too small to see natural beauty or wonders,

   One might think.


One Spring Day I came upon a flowering tree, Red Bud,

   Whose pink blossoms were growing from its trunk

   Up its old branches.

   Cauliflorus is the phenomenon, I read,

   The tree wearing its garlands

   Looking ready for celebration.


Dusk, cool and misty, a swarm of Bees as large as a beach ball 

   Buzzed fifteen feet overhead in a Live Oak Tree.

   My daughter knew someone who might know bees.

   The beekeeper came with his ladder 

   Sawed the branch with the bees

   Poured them from the tarp into a crate

   Sweeping in the leftovers.

   Certain the queen was there,

   He brought his brood home

   Promising to love and cherish and keep them safe from harm.


Mid March three years ago

   A pair of Green Herons flew to the upper pond

   Collected long straight sticks

   Constructed a nest 12 inches across 2 inches deep.

   Mid May two chicks hatched,

   Last year there were five,

   Covered with white downy feathers

   Shaped like fuzzy balls with two spindly legs.

   They grew, both parents regurgitating fish and bugs.

   By early August the family was gone.


The path steadfast but simple, the endless figure of eight,

   The natural beauty and wonders abounding

   For you to notice.