Is It Time To Consult A Trained Aromatherapist?

To consult with or purchase products from a trained aromatherapist is to support someone who has your best interests at heart—we want to see you thrive in every aspect of your life. We support you by creating effective products while respecting the power of essential oils and the land and communities from where they come.

As a Holistic Aromatherapist, I have over 400 hours of formal aromatherapy education from the Aromahead Institute, which is accredited by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), two of the leading aromatherapy organizations nationally and internationally. My education covers essential oil chemistry, understanding the clinical research of essential oils, subtle energetics of essential oils, safe usage guidelines including dilution and contraindications, how essential oils effect the human body, sustainability and environmental concerns, written research, and case studies.

I am currently completing the Plant Communication course with the School for Aromatic Studies and I will begin a Certification in Vibrational Aromatic Medicine at Stillpoint Studies this November (both schools are also accredited by NAHA and AIA). Aromatherapy, along with Reiki, is my passion—I will always continue my education in order to provide you with the safest and most effective blends.

When is it time to consult a trained aromatherapist?


Maybe you feel:


·      Depressed or down about yourself, as if your life has lost its spark

·      Anxious, worried, and can’t turn off your mental chatter

·      Stressed—maybe to the extent that your muscles are tight, your digestion is off, and you have trouble sleeping

·      Frustrated by chronic illness

·      Disconnect from yourself and others

·      Lost from a life transition

·      Saddened by loss of a loved one or unexpected change

·      Vibrant and want to maintain your well-being

Aromatherapy can be profoundly beneficial in any of these situations. However, since no two people are exactly the same, a commercial one-size-fits-all remedy can’t help everyone. Your friend may rave about an essential oil blend that transformed her depression. Since you want the same result, you buy that same bend. But for you, it doesn’t seem to work! You might feel lost because the blend helped your friend but didn’t help you—you may feel you’re too different, dysfunctional, or even beyond help. This is why a trained aromatherapist is so helpful—she addresses you as a whole, unique person while helping you avoid this frustration and uncertainty.

When you see me for a Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation, we talk about your main concern, its nuances, and how it affects other aspects of your being and life. I get to know and understand where you are coming from by listening to you speak about your past and current difficulties, hopes and dreams for the future, stress levels in different areas of your life, your self-talk, and your self-image. I take all of this into consideration when I create your custom blends. I also consider the chemistry of each essential oil, how the plant grows, and which part the essential oil comes from. I use my knowledge, experience, and intuition to determine which combination of essential oils will be the most beneficial to you in your current situation to help lead you toward your wellness goals.

In my practice, I have witnessed profound transformations that I am grateful to have supported. One client was haunted by past trauma that effected how she responded to her current relationships. After applying her aromatherapy blends and using the affirmations I gave her, she told me that she felt that the sacredness was returning to her being and her life. She was then able to make decisions that supported herself and her relationships.


Another client used “broken” to describe herself, was unsure of her own voice, and had trouble connecting with others. In a series of blends, we addressed these concerns to ground her in her true self, to connect with her voice, to improve her self-worth, and to support connection with others. In the months that I worked with her, her self-talk improved, she started exploring what she wanted out of life, and she began making new friends.

It is an honor to be able to support my clients in such real and profound ways. I believe there is no greater gift to yourself than to deeply love and accept yourself. You are worthy of it all—of loving yourself, being loved, being healthy and strong. You are worthy of finding peace within yourself and of pursuing your dreams. This is why I am here—to walk alongside you and support you on this journey.