Honor Yourself In The New Year

With the beginning of each new year, many of us make intentions or resolutions to improve one or more aspects of our lives. Usually it comes down to the core goal of being happier, healthier, and living more freely. However, in order for our outer circumstances to improve—better family relationships, making new friends, maintaining physical fitness, choosing courageously—our inner experience must first get better. We must fully accept, love, and be confident with who we are in each moment so that we make self-honoring choices on the way to reaching our resolutions. 

I would like to give you an example of how an aromatherapy consultation can help shift your inner state so that you can more easily reach your outer goals. I have changed my client’s name and omitted any identifying characteristics to preserve her anonymity.

Jessica came to me for an aromatherapy consultation with the main goals of decreasing anxiety and gaining self-acceptance. During our first session, she mentioned she often felt like she was on the verge of falling apart, that every bump in her path almost derailed her. She also explained that she had a hard time saying no to invitations that she wasn’t really interested in accepting; she had a hard time making self-honoring decisions when it meant possibly letting another person down. In conversation, she often deferred to other people when asked for her opinion; she was afraid of being rejected for speaking her mind. She told me that she had trouble making good friends. Jessica explained that she had felt like this for years and she was ready to reclaim her life.

Jessica yearned for resilience and flexibility when facing obstacles and normal tasks. She desired to speak up for herself without offering an explanation. She wanted to make new friends and to have healthy personal boundaries. She told me she wanted to connect with her true voice, to be more relaxed, and to live in her power.


I made her an inhaler and a heart salve. Inhalers are wonderful for a variety of reasons, but for Jessica, I loved that when she inhales the aroma, it immediately connects with her limbic system, the part of the brain where we process emotions and memories. I created the inhaler to be calming and balancing while promoting self-love and acceptance. I chose essential oils that would calm her nerves, lift her emotions, support adaptability, and soothe her heart. I suggested she inhale the aroma before stressful situations and when she noticed her thoughts were starting to race.

The heart salve was created in a body butter base that reduces the appearance of scars. This was important because what something does on the physical level, it also does on the energetic level, and her heart needed repair. I chose essential oils to encourage acceptance, ease tension, support her heart, and strengthen and stabilize her being. To promote self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance, I suggested she massage a small amount of the salve over her heart every morning and evening while saying an affirmation of love and healing.

When we followed up a month later, she told me that she noticed on the third day of using the blends, she had less internal chatter and she felt less weighed down. She felt acceptance toward herself which she described as an “amazing feeling.” She told me that she felt the inhaler and heart salve were helping to bring previously blocked emotions to the surface so she could process them and move on. She said since using the blends, it was easier for her to remember that the rough days don’t have to be reality. She had days of enjoyment and relaxation and she acknowledged that she is worthy of these good days.

However, not all of Jessica’s days were positive and she still struggled with anxiety. She exclaimed that it was time for her “to shine again” and she wants to live vibrantly. I made her two more blends to support this new space she was in and to move further toward her goals. I created a roll-on blend to connect her with her inner truth and power while proving calming and uplifting support. I chose essential oils that would bring joy and comfort, reduce self-doubt, and help her connect more deeply with her inner self. I suggested she apply it lovingly to her pulse points with the idea that she can handle anything that comes her way. I also made her a calming and strengthening aromatic bath salt blend with the intention that she wash away doubt and relax into her power.

After a month, Jessica reported she felt like she had made real progress that she knew she could not lose. She enjoyed the bath salts which helped her calm down and make space for herself. She used an affirmation with the roll-on blend that helped her reach a stronger sense of self. With this newfound self-awareness, she started looking within herself for answers instead of always looking to others. 

Now that her relationship with herself had improved, she looked forward to exploring connections with others. She explained that a part of her was afraid of bonding with others, wanting to protect her from getting hurt, but she was ready to quiet that voice.

I created another roll-on blend to help her gently open up to comfortable connections with others. I chose essential oils that were calming and grounding, that support personal power and self-confidence, that helped her feel nourished and resourced, and that support connection with community. She applied it to her lower abdomen, where she felt we connected with others.


When Jessica and I followed-up, she told me a lot of changes had happened in the last month. She reported making more decisions that nourished herself and supported her future. She had started reaching out and build new relationships. She looked to the beginning of our work together, when she felt overwhelmed and on the verge of breaking, and compared it to how she now felt like her own advocate. She was optimistic and excited to continue exploring and expanding her confidence and connection with herself and others. I noticed an animation to her voice and a sparkle in her eyes that I hadn’t seen before. 

I am honored to have played a supporting role in Jessica’s transformation, and she continues to explore her path, using these blends as she feels necessary. Your journey may not look exactly like hers, and that is the beauty of it. We are all different, so no one-size-fits-all in life. Also, we are all worthy of living a happier and healthier life, no matter where we have been and where we are going. Allow me to support you on your path. May you have a happy, healthy, and fearless 2018.