What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the science and art of using essential oils to balance and harmonize body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Some plants produce aromatic organic compounds (what we smell when we break open a leaf of rosemary) in order to protect themselves against insects, animals, and microorganisms that threaten their survival, to attract pollinators, and for plant-to-plant communication. By physically extracting these compounds, we collect essential oils that we can use for our own protection and support in health and wellness.

Read about how essential oils and plant extracts holistically support the wellbeing of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit by exploring the Aromatherapy blog posts.

Aromatherapy is used as an active approach to soothe and resolve acute and chronic stages of illness and as a preventive approach to maintain well-being. Aromatherapy is beneficial on its own and when combined with other medical and therapeutic techniques.

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Your Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation

After you schedule your first Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation, you will receive a confirmation email and an email with directions to the office and other pertinent information. At your appointment, you and I will review your health history, current symptoms, and any medications and supplements you currently take. A detailed health profile will enable me to avoid any essential oils that are contraindicated by current medical conditions and medications. We will also discuss your general emotional state, day-to-day activities, and your hopes and dreams for the future. This allows me to develop holistic Aromatherapy blends that address the current state of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit while supporting your growth and movement into the future.

After your consultation, I spend time researching and crafting your custom blends. Once your blends are complete, I infuse them with Reiki and crystal energies to further support your healing journey. You will receive your Aromatherapy blends along with an information sheet regarding the intention of each blend and any affirmations that will support your use of each blend. Please allow 2-3 days before your blends will be ready for pick-up or shipment.

Minor and acute problems may resolve in a few weeks. Chronic concerns may take several months or a year to fully address depending on the condition, your over-all health, and your motivation.

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Aromatherapy History

Whole plants, plant extracts, and oils have been used in religious rituals and the healing arts all over the world since ancient civilizations. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures over 5,000 years ago used herb-infused oils for rituals, perfumery, and medicine. In Cyprus, a clay vessel used to distill lavender, rosemary, and other plants dates back 4,000 years.

The term essential oil is a shortening of the original “quintessential oil.” Ancient Greeks believed that four elements created all matter—fire, air, water and earth. But Aristotle added a fifth element that brought life to matter—aether, known as the quintessence, spirit, or life force. The distillation to separate the oils from a plant was thought to be a process that isolated the life force from the plant.

In 1937, French perfumer and chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé coined the term aromathérapie when he published a book containing early clinical findings of the use of essential oils for physiological ailments. With this term, he meant to distinguish the therapeutic and medicinal applications of essential oils from their perfumery applications.

In recent decades, scientific research is providing information about the chemistry of essential oils and how their chemical makeup supports their therapeutic benefits.