I know. Crystal Essence


I know. Crystal Essence


Open and enhance your intuition. Trust your inner knowing. Feel confident with your decisions.

This “I know” is one of trust and groundedness. It is an affirmation that says, “I trust and follow my inner compass and guidance to lead me along my life’s path.”

Jill always felt a bit uncertain when she made a decision. She felt an inner pull toward one choice over others but she second-guessed herself even when she had all the facts. Had she made the best choice? Would it have the best outcome? She wanted to trust her instincts, her inner knowing, her intuition and feel confident about her choices. She decided to try I know. Crystal Essence. She put a drop in her water and she applied a drop to the center of her forehead each morning and evening. After about a week, she noticed she was making decisions faster and she was sticking with them. She felt less worried about her work and had an easier time relaxing at the end of the day. She felt more connected and confident. She also noticed synchronicities occurring and she welcomed the flow of life.

Ideas for Use: take a quiet moment to yourself and place a drop onto the center of your forehead 3 times a day; put a couple of drops into your bath water; put a drop into your drinking water or tea

Ingredients: Spring water (infused with amazonite, apophyllite, aquamarine, black tourmaline, chevron amethyst, clear quartz, fluorite, herkimer diamond, labradorite, magnetite, and rainbow moonstone crystal essences), organic vodka (as preservative)

  • Crystals selected and essence created with the intention to open, enhance, and develop intuition and inner knowing; to trust intuition and guidance; to be spiritually protected and grounded while developing intuition

  • An essence is the most significant quality or aspect of a thing—a crystal essence is spring water that has been imprinted with the vibrational qualities of a stone or crystal

  • Similar to homeopathic remedies, a small amount provides great benefit

  • Created and hand-crafted by a Certified Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist

  • Lovingly created with direct intention, sunlight, and Reiki to support your healing journey

  • Contains 20% alcohol as a preservative

  • 15 ml dropper bottle

  • Please reuse or recycle container

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