I am. Crystal Essence


I am. Crystal Essence


Accept, love, and be true to yourself. Live with confidence and compassion. Share your gifts with the world.

This “I am” is an affirmation that says, “I am enough just as I am. I love and accept myself. I do not have to change myself to be worthy of anyone’s love and acceptance because I am worthy just by being me. I am strong enough to endure any obstacle and I am worthy of all good things that come my way.”

Sandra kept comparing herself to her friends and colleagues. She felt like she wasn’t where she should be in her life—things weren’t what she had planned or hoped for herself. When her friends complimented her or her boss told her she was doing a good job, it never seemed to sink into. She realized she was the one who needed to tell herself nice things in order to feel good about herself. She chose the I am. Crystal Essence because it is natural and not habit forming. She massaged a drop on her heart when she woke up and before she went to bed while saying to herself, “I am beautiful. I am strong. I love and accept myself.” She put a couple drops in her water bottle on her way to work. Soon Sandra began waking up feeling more confident about the day and she began taking more initiative on projects at work. She noticed she wasn’t comparing herself to others and she felt more grounded within herself. She doesn't worry so much that her life was different than she had planned, because she loves and accepts herself and knows she is working toward her dreams.

Ideas for Use: take a quiet moment to yourself and place a drop over your heart 3 times a day; put a couple of drops into your bath water; put a drop into your drinking water or tea

Ingredients: Spring water (infused with amethyst, apophyllite, black tourmaline, chrysanthemum stone, chrysoprase, clear quartz, green calcite, manganocalcite, moss agate, sodalite, and watermelon tourmaline crystal essences), organic vodka (as preservative)

  • Crystals selected and essence created with the intention to support self-acceptance, self-worth, and self-compassion; to release what holds you back; to accept the present with confidence and equanimity; to be true to yourself and live with optimism

  • An essence is the most significant quality or aspect of a thing—a crystal essence is spring water that has been imprinted with the vibrational qualities of a stone or crystal

  • Similar to homeopathic remedies, a small amount provides great benefit

  • Created and hand-crafted by a Certified Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist

  • Lovingly created with direct intention, sunlight, and Reiki to support your healing journey

  • Contains 20% alcohol as a preservative

  • 15 ml dropper bottle

  • Please reuse or recycle container

Every order is shipped in environmentally-friendly packaging materials to make it safely to your door! Please allow 1-3 days processing time before your order is shipped.

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